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NFL and now NBA
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, July 4 2011, 21:38:59 (UTC)
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Both of them are having a lockout at the same time which hasn't happened. There was one year where an entire NHL season was canceled because of a lockout and it always goes back to what they say is not the problem, and that's money. They can deny all they want as any company does, but American sports are a business after all and nothing else. It's all about money and that's why people become athletes. The shit they say before they come up about how they love the game flies out the window once money starts coming. It has become so ugly that suddenly a 19 year old will laugh at a team for only offering him 3 million dollars a year. He sees it as an insult to himself and why shouldn't he when the owners, commissioners etc all want the same. David Stern, the commissioner of the NBA, made at least 23 million last year. This shows us what kind of business this is and what it's all about. They are having a lockout but team jerseys are still being sold.

There is never enough money when it comes to capitalism but those who justify it will always say that it isn't based on greed. The people who buy the tickets and contribute to the financial status of the athletes can't even get a handshake or an autograph from their favorite player but they will continue to support them. These sports are a business for profit and we are the consumers. For this reason alone and knowing what kind of scam these things are, I but fake Nike air forces and other shoes from the streets instead of buying the same kind who are just made by the actual company for 100 dollars. I get the same looking shoes for 30 dollars instead of paying a 100 for the same shoe which only difference is who actually made it. They scam us so we scam them. It's the best way to beat them and I can play their game too. 25 vs 100, let's see which one is the better deal.


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