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NRA blues....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, May 28 2014, 17:17:21 (UTC)
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...there is a definite number of dead innocents killed by the Second Amendment that will get the nation's just hasn't happened yet.

Laws banning firearms may "not work" but then neither do laws against speeding yet no one suggests getting rid of them.

Besides the entire debate is meaningless because the Constitution says " A well-regulated militia" and multiple gun owners are not a militia and they certainly aren't well-regulated, so this doesn't even apply.

The NRA is a business lobby, drumming up sales and using fear and a black president and bullshit about defending yourself from the government to boost sales.

Besides which the idea behind democracy was that the people would not need to resort to guns because they could rule through the ballot box...all a democracy promises is rule by a majority, with certain rights to be guaranteed to all so there is no tyranny of the majority against the minority...the Right Wing has tried the ballot and found they are not's supposed to end there...we're not supposed to be like those "other" nations who never tried democracy before and have no concept of "losing" an election without taking to the streets.....The RIGHT is not WANTED, by the People. not the "guv'ment"'s a majority of US who don't want them in office, so in taking up arms against "the government" they are really taking guns against US, the majority.

And King George is bullshit too because that WASN'T a democracy, there was no way to vote a King out of office EXCEPT with guns and such....all bogus arguments to disguise mere sales-techniques, unpopularity at he polls and bad skin.


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