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Negotiate Your Surrender.
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, April 1 2008, 22:52:08 (CEST)
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Saw on the news "suggestions" to avoid 'economic distress" in these "uncertain times"....and that was: negotiate a REDUCED salary for yourself because it's "better than losing your job". If there was any doubt who bought and owns the "news" this lastest bit of advice on how to get "security" should settle it.

How did Americans allow themselves to get here? For one they were fooled into identifying their own interewsts with those of their bosses and millionaires...who we were all encouraged to look up to and want to emulate...Reagan told us that when their yachts got raised by the tide, our rubber duckies would too therefore our best chances lay with making sure the rich got richer...never realizing that this new and increased wealth of theirs was taken from OUR pockets and paychecks! And now we're supposed to complete our "rise" by negotiating, not a pay increase and fair play but a DECREASE...when most people already can't live.

This was all helped by tha6t grandest of all scams; fear of COMMUNISM! Which was neatly morphed into fear of labor unions which were the ONE reason America developed the middle class, as opposed to the slave-wages our employers were pleased with...which also translated into a fear of "socilaism" as the slippery slope by which we would descend into the Soviet's kooky notion of what communism was...all of which made Americans suckers for the "screw-yourself-into-prosperity philosophy, free-market nonsense that's brought us 180 degrees from organizing to demand fair pay for our labor into NEGOTIATING to cut our wages some the rich can get even richer....where in all of this does "prosperity" enter the picture, for us?

Of course it also took a lot of fear-mongering to get us so scared that we'd be grateful for a good and total screwing...first there was fear of commies and now we have fear of there was fear of Jews for the last go-around.

ah well.


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