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Not In My Name
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, February 27 2007, 2:49:00 (CET)
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It’s amazing how much mental activity this little book…at only page 29, has stimulated…how many cobwebs it has cleared away and how it has exposed, as plain as day, the entire “agenda” behind this latest push to prove we are modern Assyrian descendants of the ancient Assyrians.

Maggie provided part of the clue when she asked me to consider that family members and friends, who all happen to be Christians…are trapped now in Iraq in a downward spiral that can only be stopped if they are given, at the least, an administrative region, “like the Seminole’s have in Florida”. Another clue came from our perennial “I could have gone to Harvard” alumnus, Don, who all been screamed in my ears, “how can I be calm when his relatives are being RAPED’!

The final clue or kick in the head I needed came from Dr Joseph’s book, the contents of which have been lighting up corners of my mind till I can’t sleep, or think of anything else, but wander like a zombie at all hours of the night, writing down snatches here and there.

We have claimed since I can remember, all manner of lies about how Islam and Arabs “murdered and abused and forcibly converted us” JUST because we were Christian or Assyrian and for no other reason etc. We, ourselves, have murdered history, both ancient and recent to show the Kurds killed us, the Turks killed us the Arabs killed us and all of it because we are Christian…or…Assyrians. We’ve claimed that there are no jobs, no houses, no schools for Christian/Assyrians but only abuse and torture and humiliation in Iraq when nothing could be further from the truth. Every time a thug of ours has been sent to prison for a crime or arrested and harassed and “spied” upon because he was preaching and teaching sedition, which is a crime anywhere, even in church basements…we have howled to the world that we were being “persecuted” when it was just garden-variety legal prosecution.

In every way possible we have lied and exaggerated and miss-quoted and miss-represented the facts on the ground to an even more ignorant general public and sworn with our hands on the bible and tears in our eyes that it was all true.

And all the time, we have known it was a lie…all of it. The truth of it has been that our church wants its own territory.. it wants to be SOMEBODY again instead of sinking more and more into poverty and neglect through our own neglect and poverty…the church has believed and taught even, our secular nationalists, that such a separate territory would bring wealth to us all, especially if that territory sits on oil…and that the money could be spread around to satisfy all…that the greedy nationalists could get their cut..and give enough to the church in pious gifts that new churches and more churches could be built and FILLED with the returning Christian/Assyrians…coming back “home” from exile and diaspora.

The Church and Ken Joseph as well as the nationalist swine all knew that there was no way on earth or heaven too that anyone would credit a purely Christian claim to having “been here first”…that no Muslim nation was going to give “back” land to people who all insisted that to be Assyrian one MUST be Christian, or nearly convert to Christianity…they knew and knew it well…so they hastened along, for their religious” problem” a “solution to our national problem” , which they invented along with the “national” and “ethnic” name they attached to Nestorian Christians, like they attached “Assyrian” to their church doors… which can even be “proven” now by DNA, “any scientists out there?”…a false argument and “agenda”one that could plausibly put forth to the right authorities and Western powers as coming from the “indigenous people” of a land “cruelly usurped”…who only HAPPENED to be Christians…but were FIRST and REALLY Assyrian…modern descendants and lineal descendants of the original, ancient Assyrians.

And to pull this hoax off…to use the glorious Assyrian name to get their Christian-enclave-on-oil, these putzes were eager to manufacture martyrs to “the Assyrian cause”…and so they encouraged our young people to raise their heads and voices, to ‘work” for the “liberation” of Iraq and to see the foreign Christians as their “friends and liberators and buddies” for their common religion…and to “join in bringing democracy” to Iraq…their native “Assyria”…and how many were killed for believing…and yet how many more were killed because of this war which has targeted civilians without checking any claims…which starved to death at least 27,000 Assyrian babies among 700,000 other babies…not ONE of whom has ever been mentioned or lamented by these sons of Christian bitches because they were killed, not by the hated-but-handy Muslims, but by fellow Christians and American “liberators” at that…and so were an embarrassment, instead of an asset to be used, because their deaths gave the lie to the ‘we are the other kind of Christians”..yes, the kind so damned cowardly and hypocritical and that they will beg others to do their killing for them.

It has never been “Christians” or even “Assyrians” these martyr-manufacturing mongerers wept for…indeed they needed MORE…the used them to get at their killers…only when those killers were Muslims..because THOSE Christians could be dragged “before the world” so that the whole world, as well as god above, could see how we were being killed for lack of a HOMELAND…except we’ll now settle for a region, a triangle, a camp…and this, we fantastically claim, will make us safe…when it will condemn those people trapped in it, unless they too escape to Turlock, at the mercy of the surrounding Muslims whom we’ve said all along will stop at nothing to “genocide” us to death…but….the OIL REVENUES such a “government” can expect can always be deposited in a Swiss bank for use by the “government-in-grateful-exile” who will never set foot in such a ghetto of a territory…but “govern” us from Los Angeles or Sydney or Ceres…where all these future and salivating leaders-in-waiting are waiting…with dreams of petro-dollars filling their fat heads…a scam that makes Karl Suleyman a cub scout.

This is what Maggie means when she says…”not now Farid, not now when our people are suffering so much and need some hope and to have their “Assyrian” identity confirmed and not challenged”…I don’t know if she wants cash too or a “position” or “chair” or to “publish” or she’s honestly motivated by a desire to see her friends and family safe in an “Assyria”…but I do know that this scam and the plea to” please, please” keep it going, along with the “liberation of Iraq” madness, was no way to achieve anything but the further destruction of the few Nestrorian Christians still in BetNahrain…as well as the country itself.

And I will sing it and shout it because it is such a cynical ploy with murder as its main end and goal, using the false hopes and claims of a people, deluded originall, and yet again, by Europeans into first thinking they were Assyrians and Chaldeans…and then into believing the lying Syriac manuscripts which told of massacres and forced conversions…which were combined into a claim that Iraqis and Muslims have ALWAYS hated us and wished to destroy us utterly and that all we need to be safe is a little triangle right in the midst of all these “murderous Muslims” who’ve been trying, according to us, for 1300 years to kill every last one of us…but we will be safe from all of this, if you forcibly take from the Muslims, and give to us, an oil platform from which we can extract our own funds and rebuild and repopulate our fucking churches…which have been saving THEMSELVES and not us, since the very beginning…joined now by these “political/national leaders” who’ve found a way to milk the same, potential, cash cow.

Not in my name, not now, not ever. The Christian Church, which raised all these national clowns and bred in them a lust for unearned gains and goofy claims to past glory…has brought your friends and family to such a point…your Church, each and every time…and neither you nor they nor any political front is going to use the noble name of the Assyrians, Chaldeans, Babylonians or anyone else to continue this quest for blood-and-oil money in the guise of “saving” those “poor people”…who are indeed in danger…but not from Arabs and Muslims and their brothers and sisters of Iraq…but from the Church and its unholy alliance with Western Christianity…for which all of us have suffered so much.

Fuck ‘em…fuck them all…and do it the faster before they fuck you


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