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Obama as Bush
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, March 23 2011, 14:52:04 (UTC)
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...what has changed?

I just listened to Maddowsay thatObama is making a huge effort NOT to have America be in the lead this time in yet anoither attack by Christian nations on a Muslim nation. This business about keeping Qaddafi from harming his own innocent civilianssounds alot like Bush saying Saddam was a danger to his own people, and therefore kind and caring America, which lovces its own peopleso, would have to get rid of Saddam...and make a lot of money in the process...when has helping other people people so damn profitable?

Maddow seems desperate to give Obama some credit, any she makes much os this toning down of Americaīs lead...weīre also told, just as with Bush, that "other Arab countries" will soon be joinging this effort...but so far itīs the same Christians...and whether Obama is the lead-bully or just one of the gang, the fact remaines that it is a CHRISTAIN GANG once again...thje same Gang that is at the same time killing Muslims in neighboring countries and ALL of it with the supposed purpose of HELPING save them...anyone remember " we had to destroy the village in order to save it"? Thatīs from Vietnam days.

Christians believe, their religion tells them to believe, thatwhen you destroy a humanīs body on the road to saving his or her soul, you have done good in God's eyes....we are doing the same good by killing Muslim children today, in order to save them.

Itīs the same Gang...only the lead gangster has wisely taken a back seat this time...for public consumption. Thatīs the danger in Obama...he makes Fascism look NICE.


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