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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Thursday, June 16 2011, 10:49:33 (UTC)
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Now I smoke weed but I don't think I am totally out my mind yet but Assyrians sure make me feel like maybe I am a bit loco. Check this one out who is responding to a Kurd on youtube about Hitler and Holocaust:

Pazuzu773 wrote:

"Arabs are the only good Muslims... God's chosen people (Egyptians)... the rest of you kurds/turks/bosniks are nomadic gypsies....

Hitler hated Semitic Jews... not all Semites. He was a Christian, and initiated the Holocaust bc of what the filthy muslims did to the Assyrians/Armenians... stupid fool. Learn history bf speaking. kurds love to group themselves with my people, but no matter what, your an ethnic kurd!!! Sick!!!"

One thing he is right about and that's Hitler was a Christian. The rest is like what the fuck you talking about, but I gotta remember that fellow is Assyrian so such things can be expected from Aprim's nation.


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