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On Shutting Maggie Down
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, July 16 2007, 21:07:59 (CEST)
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If I thought, for one second, that anything I was writing here was going to "force" the server or whomever, to shut this place down...I'd never write here again. The last thing I want is to send you all back into hiding. I want, I NEED, you to go on writing, in public. You are all an integral part of the unmasking of this "we are Assyrians" bullshit. As Michael Moore does...I want you to just state you case...BUT, I reserve the right to comment. That's all I want.

All Maggie has to do is show us an email from her server which says that her site will be shut because of foul language, insults etc...and I'll be gone.

I want you HERE...not in hiding. Especially Screws-Loose Shlimoon, who's my best collaborator.

Your providing a space for people to call for a militia, is a great service. Not for the people of'll never form such a thing and you all know it. It's the fact that you spread hot air as if it was meaningfull and that you derive such satisfaction from it, that makes your contributions so important...because it shows you for the insincere nincompoops that you are.

Your other idea, the Parliament, or government-in-exile, is just such another whacko idea you know damn well will get nowhere...except to more embarrassment...and I'm tired of you besmirching the good name of the ancients, who were decidedly NOT Christians and NOT full of hot air and loving it.

Anyone who truly cared for the Christians of Iraq would have worked frantically to get them out of harms way...away from an impossible situation. But you all saw a "great opportunity" in their plight...and you still any pack of ravenous buzzards smelling a kill.

If you really cared you would have extended to them the same kind of "help"..meaningful help, as you benefitted from...when YOU got out!!! Instead you want them to stay there and make a "presence"...for you. Why don't you trade places with them...I'm sure the vast majority would like nothing more...and then YOU can make that can be that militia..that martyr...and you can try to form a government in-country..instead of in Modesto "for them".

Your rank opportunism and hypocrasy...your empty boasting and, worse, "love" for people you INSIST "marytr" themselves for you is disgusting...and it needs a PLATFORM from which to be spread...and that's very important to my start the ball rolling and I come along and puncture it for you...again and again.

That is a useful service in Assyria. Therefore I have no desire for you to be "shut down". I can always drag you over and have my way with you at out site, if my presence will really and truly get you "shut down".

Short of that, it's best if my posts appear right next to your' people reading, not writing, can instantly compare and decide for themselves...choice is also the essence of meaningful democracy...and between your tweedledee good manners and your tweedledum knons...there is no choice at all.


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