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One Danish Cartoonist....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, December 10 2014, 21:07:21 (UTC)
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...we are never to forget that a cartoonist was killed because he drew a cartoon of Muhammad....this is one of those incidents which supposedly proves that Islam is a violent religion.

We are to forget and never mention 700,000 Iraqi children under the age of five killed through US Sanctions....that one death proves Islam is violent...does it say NOTHING that Christians killed 700,000 Muslim babies? You know, the same Christians who earlier killed six million Jews, also because of their "dangerous" religion?

Recently someone in Tennessee poured lighter fluid down the throat of a young woman and set her on fire...alive, and from the INSIDE...she died. How if we were to call that criminal a Christian? Which he undoubtedly is. If this guy had his way...and all police forces in Tennessee had been disbanded...and he was able to pull together a band of fellow-sickos...would we call them Christians? No...we'd say they were dangerous criminals.

But every Muslim criminal is first and foremost a Muslim...while every Christian criminal is NEVER a Christian.


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