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Only We Can Kill Innocent People....!...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, March 19 2011, 7:07:33 (UTC)
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.....who does Qaddafi think he is.....Christian? The same UN, dominated by powerful Christian nations who licensed themselves to kill over 700,000 Iraqi children and a million or so of their parents, has just told Qaddafi that HE can´t kill innocent civilian, in his own country...only THEY can.

How´s that for Christian humility?

We Christians are murdering Iraqis, Afghanis, Pakistanis, and a few other nationalities by proxy....but no one else is allowed to. We had absolutely no right or reason to attack least Qaddafi IS Libyan...and he IS that country´s leader....

The day may not be far off when Blackwater will be used to quell riots in the United will we take to orders from foreigners telling us NOT even think about killing American citizens?

And let´s remember that the United States "helps" no never has and it never will...same for the rest of the Europeans who have found yet another pretext to meddle...remember, Fascism is NOT using is using propaganda to make force palatable, make it a "ggod" make you WANT it used!

There are Americans doing without jobs and food and shelter...the United States cares nothing for the idea that we MUST care about the poor Libyans is Fascism at work yet again.


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