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=> Only because you are stuck.

Only because you are stuck.
Posted by Muncho (Guest) - Saturday, December 29 2007, 9:15:57 (CET)
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while you regret every minute of putting yourself in such a position where you can't do a damn thing about it, coz if you do, you will be eating your own foot... Maybe mine too...

"...never forget that this forum allows you, or any other equally afflicted person, full freedom to say what you one here gets "insulted" by anything. In fact, to get insulted would be the greatest insult."

That's why I love you. MWAH

"'s always refreshing to have you here, proving how tolerant we non-Christians can be...considering we, and you, would be banned from any Christian forum."

You "can be", as you admit, but you're not... You're a good pretender though... Otherwise, you would know that a "tolerant" person does NOT use foul language, ASSHOLE!!! Get the idea??? Not yet??? I know!

" I've said several times; if you can ever put this forum to its correct use"

You mean to be tolerant INDISCRIMINATELY to anyone in the world, just like you are? NO THANK YOU... I can't...

"...but since you adamantly refuse to put even your arse end to its proper use...we will wait."

How many more years of waiting do you have left in you? I just wanna know so I can start ONE day before you fly...

"...we always have hope."

In yourselves? I Don't!

"Until then, carry on."

Insulting you? Nah! Why would I do that to such a tolerant person who protects the rights of ALL minority people in the world? Hypocrite!



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