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Open letter to Julian Assange from wikileaks
Posted by Tiglath (Guest) - Monday, July 26 2010, 13:14:32 (UTC)
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I'm sorry to say this but I'm quite frankly very disappointed in you.
Firstly why weren't all the files revealed?

Yes I know you don't want to endanger the lives of the invading soldiers but it's not you who illegally ordered them into these invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. It's their greedy incompetent leaders and they alone who bear full responsibility for every misguided allied solder that dies needlessly.

I mean if you knew the whereabouts of a robber who had broken into someone's home would you reveal it to the owners so that they could bring them to justice? Of course you would.

But its people like you who perpetuate this myth that the US although misguided is really a benevolent empire protecting us and the free market.The truth is the US is the world banker and has its dollar and therefore economic and military supremacy tied to Middle Eastern black gold reserves.

While the Iraqi invasion was conducted to head off a potential petroeuro and safeguard its annual $462 billion, the Afghanistan invasion was to secure new black gold reserves in the Caspian Sea via the oil pipeline.

Meanwhile you allow the US empire's propaganda arm in the New York Times to frame the debate and use the ISI "red herring" to distract the US readers from the atrocities being committed in their names. No mention will of course be made on whether we should hang Bush and the allied leaders for the illegal invasions, of course, the media will have you all chasing your tails on whether the US's ends justify its means.

Release all the information and set the world free.


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