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Our Dumb Money Policy
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, March 9 2011, 0:10:14 (UTC)
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...what an incredible scam...people tell you governments would be irresponsible if they printed their own money, without using private banks...the tell you politicians would "print whatever they needed...and then what would happen"?

Look what's happened with private bankers printing all they need. Sure, they have to get the government to borrow from them...but they own the politicians, so it isn't we just saw. But the beauty of it is that they print the money they need to play Monopoly, with the added benefit that WE are forced to pay them their interest. And none of the Corporate fat cats or financiers pay taxes...hell no, they make US pay them for them...we wind up paying for the printing of money that doesn't even come to us...they tell us it will "trickle down"...but who really believed that anyway? How many generous billionaires do you know?

As Michael Moore said..."America isn't broke...America is awash in cash and money and stocks and wealth..the problem is that it's mostly in the pockets of a few people" .

If politicians, like Lincoln, printed money without borrowing from banks, they would use that money, not for private profit making but for building things and fixing things...for inventing things...for putting people to work at good wages so they can live healthy and it stands now the money the Federal Reserve prints goes mostly into private hands....the idea that OUR politicians, not those belonging to bankers, would do worse than what the Banks have done now is's a lie.

For one thing we can control our politicians...we can vote them out....we can do NOTHING to private Bankers.


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