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Our Stats for March
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, March 3 2011, 14:22:08 (UTC)
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...the first of March we had 600 visits...that's from distinct viewers, in 24 hours....the next day we had the same time, Maggie's revolutionary I-love-Assyria website had something like 30...or 20 visits.

It could be because people like a winner...and we've defeated our "enemies" while Maggie has yet to confront one of her avowed enemies....or, "wait till the dust settles and THEN we'll do something"...maybe people are just waiting for the dust to settle and then they'll have something to see over there...besides lame jokes and even more lame poems.

The other so-called assyrian sites aren't doing any better...and that's wonderful news...just as assyrians in Iraq are better off are we all when these hate-mongering assyrian sites go away.

The rode the crest of the anti-Musim wave as long as they could and now they are irrelevant...the world eventually moves on...hatred can only fill up so much of your time before it starts eating you up....the assyrians are finding that hatred of Muslims can only go so far as a "policy"...


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