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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, August 4 2014, 17:05:41 (UTC)
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...more depressing.....Euro Jews learned to improve on Nazism....instead of putting Palestinians in concentration camps they put the concentration camp around them.....same as we did in Iraq.....The Holocaust is somewhat understandable, given what Christians( I refuse to say "Germans" and let the rest of the gang off the hook)did for 1000 years, as a build-up. It followed logically from all that went before it...the only thing new was the industrial scale....that WAS pure German. But it hardly came as a shock to anyone that Christians hated Jews and killed them periodically. It's the numbers, the death-factories which shock us.

But what Israelis have done to Jews is a much weirder crime....Palestinians did nothing to Jews...never hated them and most Euro Jews knew nothing about Palestinians and had no reason to hate them, but they sure learned to quickly....very quickly.

Israel wants Palestinians to leave, it's that they put them in a choke-hold, and wait.....sooner or later one or two or ten will fight back, and then the entire Israeli military can descend on the PEOPLE and hope to drive many away....until all leave and Israel can "expand"...Liebenstraum, I think Hitler called it.

As crazy as Christian persecution of Jews, for killing Jesus no less, was...Israeli hatred for Palestinians is crazier...and will be seen that way in time.

Still, whenever I criticize the Jews I remind myself that it is Christians who brought them to their insanity. If I forgive Palestinians for lashing out against Israeli injustice, I have to concede the same right to Jews...except they don't fight back against THEIR persecutors, who were and are Christians...they pick on weak Palestinians instead and try to convince the world that because THEY are afraid of Muslims, there must be something real to be afraid of.

This line I thought explained our own situation perfectly...

"American author and Professor of Political Science Alan Dowty put it best when he wrote, "Palestinians are the descendants of all the indigenous peoples who lived in Palestine over the centuries." Moreover, studies suggest, that part, if not the majority of Arabs living in Palestine, descend from a core population that dates back thousands of years."

...same is true of Iraq and all the people who ever populated that region....ALL are "descended" from the Assyrians, and everyone else....their religion notwithstanding.


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