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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, March 21 2007, 22:00:24 (CET)
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> ...arriving at the scene of a crime the good detective doesn`t rely
entirely on the statements of witnesses...not even eyewitnesses...he
also puts together clues from the evidence he finds...or thinks he
finds. This helps clarify witness testimony and might even reveal the
butler whodunnit.
> The crime is the hoax perpetuated by the Church, which is the arch suspect, and backed up by the
State that Christianity went down smoothly wherever it was
offered...that people had no difficulty giving up their own indigenous and
traditional beliefs for Christianity and would never consider giving it up as
well for something better.
> The witnesses are the Church itself plus all those born into the
faith and the few whom we know converted willingly. And that`s all
there is to go on.
> Now the good detective begins snooping around for clues. The
first thing that strikes him, since this is a crime within our own
community, is the way people are reacting to "threats" by Mar Bawi to bring his
flock closer to Roman Catholocism. Why should this bother people
so? What do other people care which version of such a popular and
"easily accepted" religion, others wish to follow? And why do people
treat heresy as such a crime...why do they turn their backs on loved
ones who "go astray"? In short...why all this intolerance when the
religion was supposedly so damn attractive in the first place?
> This would seem to suggest that the same kind of intolerance was
rife among the very first Christian converts...and they must have treated
those who refused to be swayed with the same degree of hostility. If
anything the history of the church, and its branches, to this day,
exhibits a hostility quite at odds with its version of how attractive the
religion was to people. The use of force, murderous force, in dealing
with non-Christians and especially with heretics, argues rather for a
Church which knew to expect resistance and had found no better means of
dealing with it, and indeed felt itslef justified in punishing those
who refused or that it`s hard to believe everyone who heard
of the religion for the first time..leapt into it...and only later did
"problems" arrise requiring prison, thumb-screws and the stake.
> more later....


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