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Parading Your Ignorance as Art
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, July 2 2011, 23:09:50 (UTC)
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From what Andre has said I gather that one of his motivations is the common belief that all of them that

"if only the world knows what is happening to us (or has happened to us) the world, or rather the United States, will be so moved and horrified that they will rush to protect us and save us."

How's that for an intelligent take on history?

In one exchange with my daughter, but not with me, Andre tells of a bishop and forty thousand Christians who were KILLED by some ancient Persian monarch. If you knew nothing else of what was happening aropund the world at that time, you might think the slaughter of these Christians was a big deal, or something completely out of the ordinary calling forth shock and disbelief. If, on the other hand, you knew even a smidgen about world history, you'd consider this a very, very minor ocurance, quite normal for the time...also at that very same time that these Christians were being killed, you'd know that Christians were murdering far, far more people, including other Christians, than a Persian ever thought of killing.

It's the same in the modern era: anyone who thinks that America will care about horrors being done to a minority, so horrified that they will "do something" doesn't know recent history either. America was fine with robbing and raping the very Natives who welcomed them and helped them survive...America had no problem selling childrena nd mothers into slavery, no problems whipping them all and later lynching them...America had no problem conducting a Civil War in which more Americans were killed, by fellow Americans, than have been killed in all wars since then...America had no trouble denying rights to its women...America had no problem discriminating against Catholics, the Irish, Italians, Eastern Europeans, Mexicans etc.

America has never rushed in to rescue ANYBODY..on teh contrary it's own historians admit that this country is foremost among those who rush in to KILL and rob and displace people.

In the face of all of this we have Andre who passionately believes that once America KNOWS what has been "done" to Assyrians, even though he has no evidence besides what granny and Aprim told him, America will "do something" for Assyrians.

This is what propaganda deals in...even when a propagandist KNOWS better he still lies....But Andre doesn't know any better...he actually doesn't know either world history, American history or the history of the modern Middle East.

Andre, and Aprim and the rest place themselves at the top of the pile of those who "know" and who are truly "assyrian"...and they place Dr. Joseph, who actually knows, at the bottom.

And then he brags to us that he is "very popular" and "the State Department likes my work".

Nazis were popular among other Nazis too. So?


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