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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, February 21 2011, 17:18:02 (UTC)
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I finally saw some clips of the two of them and damn me if the runt sized one doesn't play the part of dog to the bigger one...I'd cringe even more if Teller was a woman. Don't much care for them....the big guy comes across as a bully and his analyses are moronic...especially where what he calls Conspiracy theories are concerned.

Let's get something straight, in 1978 the US Congress opened a new investigation into the Kennedy assassination and they concluded that yes indeed there were two shooters that day, not one...which made it a conspiracy...all it takes is two or more people discussing or planning an action together...but, to still stay stupid, the Congress determined that both shooters acted independently...that is, it was just a mere coincidence that two people decided to kill Kennedy that connection between the two..hence no conspiracy...if that doesn't sound like a conspiracy to KEEP from finding a conspiracy...I don't know what.

Also, the 19 people supposedly responsible for 9/11 were also conspiring...hence there is already an official government conspiracy's just idiotic, that's all.

Penn, the big one, takes on 9/11 conspiracy theories, not the governments, but all who disagree with that version...but he only selects the goofiest representatives of alternate theories...and then he says, "you believe THEM"? Well, more than I believe the idiots on the other side.

For a supposed leftie, or progressive Penn sure isn't radical...which simply means to go to the "root causes"...and play around on the periphery.

No one has ever accused Hitler of walking through that tunnel into the Reichstag and setting that fire...why would he? Why would Goering or Goebbels or ANY Nazi when there were communists and others more than willing to do it? All you do is infiltrate, make yourself one of them...tell them you have an uncle also pissed at Hitler who has the key to the tunnel..and you have a cousin with access to high explosives...and the plot continues.

They did the same in Reagan's day with the idea of "plausible deniability"..that is, create reasonable doubt that you, or the president, ordered something done...

There was no need for Bush or any of them to pay people to bomb those silly...and yet this si what Penn says WE are saying when we refuse to believe the government.

And I can just hear Penn back in 1971, responding to doubts that there had been any attack in the Gulf of Tonkin on a US battleship, but rather that this was a pretext to get us into war...."oh come ON", he would have roared, "how stupid do you have to be to think our own government would stage something JUST to get us into a war where Americans will DIE and money be WASTED...are you STOOPID or something"? He would have said the same if someone had suggested that Nixon was behind Watergate...and wouldn't have believed even after Nixon resigned...this sort of "lefitie" is one under protest...he's trying terribly hard NOT to believe anything against his own country and government unless and until it is shoved down his throat and he chokes on it.

Undoubtedly certain corporations in the US and abroad made a ton of money off the Iraq war...and they gained political power like they never could have...and I am supposed to believe that nobody in our government cares that much for money or power that they would play dirty...right.

Why the repubs even dumped one of their own the minute he said that another terrorist attack would help the Repubs...he was axed not because what he said wasn't true, or desirable, or popular among the power brokers, but because he SAID it...he let it slip, out loud.

Penn can wait until there is enough proof for him to believe that the United States knew full well that ANOTHER attack was coming...that the government foiled every attempt to intercept these people and, for all we know, infiltrated their circle (and they did) with moles who egged them on and provided tactical support..all the while remaining far enough removed to have plausible deniability in case they were busted...and they HAVE been busted...Iran-Contra among some of the busts...and yet our Penns go on believing and calling anyone with serious doubts and solid reason as well as evidence of government misdeeds and lies and murders in our recent past history on his side, idiots and fools.....go suck eggs.


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