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Pity Andreas...
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Sunday, January 6 2008, 7:51:15 (CET)
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...the poor fellow can't get a word in to save his life. He can't discuss or refute the points raised here except to SAY he did...and then call us monkeys or virgins, or virgin monkeys. But there's never any argument from him...certainly no facts, references, insights or much of anything...just his self-righteous proclamations....the rest of us may be guilty of the same thing sometimes...but most often we actually develop and discuss ideas.

He's at his best, poor dear, when he tells us we're all brainwashed,,,,our heads filled with crap, fear-riddden and just plain stupid. It's then that one takes great joy in pointing out to him that we can't be very fearful when we allow anyone to challenge us...hell, we BEG people to do so. It's then he shows just how fearful HE is...not us.

He's very careful not to commit himself because, most of all, he dreads having himself shredded. Look at the awkward position he puts himself in...with no enemies in sight. Either he presents his own ideas and risks the consequences...or he keeps quiet and nags, nags, nags...which is hardly an intellectual approach to anything. The poor slob is forced to look idiotic by showing he has nothing to say himself that would remotely justify the supercilious pose he strikes and is reduced to nagging those who take risks, or...he can say something and thereby risk being soundly thrashed.

He's forced, by himself, to remain a nag...because it beats being an obvious fool. Those are his two choices...nag or fool. By opting to be a nag he at least can seem to be on top of it's like someone who can't run to save his life, sitting in critical judgement of a field of athletes. Sure, most of them will not do well and only a few will shine...but at least they all TRY...they make the committment...they show up, not just to show up and make fun of athletes...but they place themselves on the line.

Not Andreas...he sits in the stands and throws popcorn at the athletes as they go by...(he'll do it now).


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