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Posted by Tiglath (Guest) - Saturday, December 15 2007, 4:40:09 (CET)
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I just received the news today that Professor Fuat Deniz from Sweden has been killed.
I had the privlege of meeting him during the 2000 Genocide confernece that took place in Sydney. Of all the lecturers who spoke at the conference his speech was the most philosophical.
Unlike the others his speech left you with more questions than answers. Which is why I was such a fan.
After the conference was over myself and the other members of Nakosha maagazine invited him out for a beer and pizza on Brunswick St in Melbourne.
It was he that we asked some very challenging questions.
He knew at what stage we were at and didn't want to offend or hurt our feelings when we asked him about our identity.
He simply told us that our identity which is based on the modern concept of Nationalism may not lead to the answers we were seeking. When we pushed further and asked him to elaborate he simply refered us to Gellner's Nations and Nationalism.
After purchasing my own copy and reading it it took another 2 years before what he was trying to tell me finally dawned on me. My identity was clear from that point on. I knew who I finally was.

I am saddened to have lost such a teacher. We have all lost something today.

David Chibo

Assyrians have lost one of their best scholars 14.Dec.2007

With deep grief and sadness, we mourn the loss of one of our vibrant and vigorous young men. Dr. Fuat Deniz, the renowned Assyrian sociologist and genocide scholar, was a role model for many Assyrians around the world. His achievements in the fields of sociology and genocide studies have specifically been an example for the Assyrian youths in Sweden. One of the best Assyrian scholars, Deniz was stabbed at the hands of unknown criminals a few days ago.

Deniz was well-known for his genuine love for his people and nation. His heart filled with hope and aspirations, Deniz was working hard toward the common goal of having Turkey recognize the Assyrian genocide of the 1915. Once wishing to have an Assyrian name, such as Gilgamish, he researched his Assyrian identity and its roots that go deep into history. He also worked hard to gather evidence that prove the Ottoman genocide.

Dr. Fuat Deniz was killed at the university of Orebro, Sweden, where he taught sociology. The motive behind his killing has not been known yet.

The grief in our hearts is indescribable. No words can express our feelings of sorrow. Not only is Dr. Fuat Deniz's killing a great tragedy for his family, but it is also a huge loss for our Assyrian people as a whole.

You have set an example for us all by your devotion and dedication to the rights of your people. You have given your life so that the flame of hope passes on to the new Assyrian generations. You have walked the walk, and we will follow suit.




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