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Progressives for Trump......!
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, February 6 2017, 14:02:17 (UTC)
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...the absolute best and only good thing about Obama was that he was Black...forget his "liberal" policies.....just that he brought racists back out into the open was worth everything.

...the greatest thing ever about Trump is his defense of Putin and Russia...especially when he said " we have killers too" and threw the establishment into a dizzy....Republicans are having the fan todds, spluttering and harrumphing that WE never murdered anyone...and WE don't have political prisoners..and WE don't attack and occupy countries! Absolutely adorable.

No...WE don't kill anyone, we don't murder and rape and attack seems only the attack on Ukraine counts as an "attack on a country"....the number of countries we've attacked is nothing...don't look over there.

Bless Trump for that...for saying, from the highest office in the land that America has KILLERS, in its policies....Hillary would never have said that....sit back and watch the fun.


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