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Posted by Jeffrey (Guest) - Saturday, March 19 2011, 18:19:19 (UTC)
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From the face and the book.

Sinan Antoon commented on his own link.

Bending History | Middle East Research and Information Project

A watchword of the Baathist regime during Iraq’s eight-year war with Iran was the “spirit of victory.” Preserving this “spirit” (ruh al-nasr) was a major task of the regime’s efficient propaganda machine throughout the fighting. As soon as war broke out in September 1980, the cultural sphere was mob...

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Peter Ibrahim Excellent article sinan, especially the last few sentences...
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Sinan Antoon Thanks Peter
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Ray Koury As usual great one, though I do not agree with "The current crop of politicians in the Green Zone does not genuinely represent the interests and wishes of the great majority of Iraqis", they are elected by most of Iraqis.. waiting for your next analysis on why??
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Peter Ibrahim Although everyone is entitled to an opinion, denying that the Iraqi politicians do not have the interests of Iraq at mind, is a lack of knowledge on the matter. For instance, just days ago, the so-called President of Iraq called Kirkuk the "Jerusalem of Kurdistan." What sort of President can you be when the interests of 'Kurdistan' prevail those of Iraq. Mind you, this is only one small example.
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Sinan Antoon
Ray, there are many examples of voters being mislsed into electing politicians who turn out to be corrupt and working against the interest of the people. IN the US, Americans voted for Bush for a second time, even though his policies were d...iametrically opposed to their interest (tax breaks for the rich, continuing the war. . . etc). THe media and propaganda do their job. Iraqis too voted for these politicians for a variety of reasons: giving them one more chance to fix all the problems, but there was also a lot of sectarian propaganda and you know it used to work. I think recently the people have realized that it was wrong to trust these crooks, hence the JUm`at al-Nadam where people expressed their regret.See More
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Sinan Antoon This government stole $40 billion in just a few years. Even Saddam didn't manage to do that so quickly.
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Lula Kabab Great article, especially about the zeal of hosting cultural festivals.
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