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Random Thoughts On Professor Joseph
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, February 20 2007, 0:36:29 (CET)
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Random Thoughts On Dr Joseph

It’s fascinating to wonder what made Dr Joseph throw cold water in our hot, steamy faces. Surely he was raised with pretty much the same fables we were all put to sleep with. Family and friends must have told of Assyrian “rights” and the obligation of the world Christian community to “guarantee” them for us little ones. Was he merely perverse and obnoxious, as I am, to question these sacred truths? Did he come to it through a general reading of history or was he prompted by our own personal, dim recollection of babbling towers which inspired him to explore the subject more fully?

One has to give him the benefit of all doubts, because if he is a “stooge” as many claim…the usual traitor and sell-out and secret Kurd we all hear so much about and each of us has been accused of being at least once in our lifetime…then why bother to get a doctorate from Princeton University…why not just study accounting and write history anyway…like Fred Aprim… Ivan, The Terrible Kakovitch and any number of writers and purple prose writers of which the purplest, Rosie Malek bleeds all over the rest.

And how do CIA stooges become professors Emeritus and then teach at such prestigious schools as Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania…and how do they come to be honored by a former student who donates close to three-quarters of a million dollars towards a new building on campus to be named, not after the donor…as any Assyrian would demand…but after his much respected and fondly remembered college professor?

Are these all set-ups of the CIA which is supposedly paying Dr Joseph? Why…for what? Or are these windy accusations an easy way in which we “honor” ourselves…make ourselves into objects of awe and fear and resentful envy, as the heirs, god help us, of the ancient Assyrians? Do we seek to flatter ourselves by claiming the CIA went to all this trouble to create a “spy” and “secret agent”…a “mole” who would burrow into the hallowed halls of ivy…to teach “lies” about us…and maybe subvert some sweet-faced college freshman on his way to shock and awe the world as an Assyrian genius?

Are we nuts?

People have to throw the same mental handsprings when accusing me of being another spy in the pay of the Turks…as if my whole professional life had been dedicated to undermining the Assyrian Heritage, in that time-honored manner of spending years studying and working to create Assyrian monuments or, as Dr Joseph did, writing a book published by a most prestigious publishing house which has been vetted by experts in the field…is THAT how the CIA works?

Well, what a stupid CIA, because it took Aprim and his finger-painting class all of two minutes to see right through it!

How could a man with these credentials, “get it wrong”…and so wrong at that. Surely if Aprim is right…there must be all sorts of evidence that we are Assyrians and were long before the Europeans told us so. Yet, where is it? Dr Joseph hasn’t found it…neither have any other historians. The only ones who claim to have such proof are taxi drivers, engineers and postmen. And all of them are relying on letters and papers from the very same people who started this thing off, getting it way wrong from the beginning so that our notion of our history comes down to maintaining misconceptions, factual errors, gross generalizations, wanton deductions and perhaps downright deceptions…and by the looks of things, that’s exactly true, or else we’re some kind of crazy anyway and what did we expect?

These letters and first-hand accounts are all unacceptable as history. Lo siento mucho…I’m very sorry, but they’re not. I wish they were…I’d like nothing better than to honestly claim Ashurbanipal as my grandfather’s 323rd cousin…but he wasn’t. Not unless he was every Iraqi Muslim’s relative too. And since that was never the intent of the Europeans and missionaries who gave us this lofty title and goosed us along…I’m afraid that it just won’t do…indeed one way to explain Britain’s “treachery”, as now America’s “inexplicable” stab in the back, is to realize that, in the case of the European nations, they didn’t believe their own claims on our behalf to begin with and when it became too much of a headache to deal with the monster they helped create, which had served their purposes already…they cut us loose with a pat on the head and without a backward glance. As for America giving us the time of day, what more needs to be said than that Bush needed all the dupes he could get to trumpet his party line…we were obliging, we were terribly necessary and useful, like toilet paper often is…which, once used, no one has any desire to “cherish”.


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