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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, March 26 2017, 1:48:47 (UTC)
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I recently got into it with an Assyrian who was talking about sharia law in the West, which is straight up right wing propaganda to demonize immigrants. I told him that there isn't even one Muslim country which has sharia law and hasn't been one since ottoman empire fell. He names a bunch of corrupt regimes and countries which call themselves Islamic but all still have secular constitution. They act as if there are set laws and commandments when there isn't. Following marriage and inheritance laws don't mean it's sharia. Then he thought I was defending Isis which has plenty of support from the US. Why is Isis interpretation of Islam seen as representatives of over a billion Muslims who don't agree with them? I was talking more in terms of historical and the different schools of thought in Islam who differ.

There isn't an overall agreement and it's much more complicated than just what fox news says and then he had the audacity to tell me I need to educate myself about sharia law and how it says pay jizya or die or convert and this is coming from a criminal organizations like Isis which is smaller than kkk who also have their version of Christian law. But since we're talking Islam, Spain had Islamic rule for 800 years and yet Judaism had it's golden age during the time. Christians and Jews prospered in ottoman empire and Muslim Spain. They're not even aware that non-Muslims govern themselves under such circumstances and the church collected its own taxes which were even more than jizya and stop acting like jizya is discrimination or a form of oppression. It's meant to protect, and help and it also guarantees rights and services and exempts from military service but Muslims pay zakat and that's collected from both genders so where is the problem? We all pay taxes in the West so that assyrians can collect welfare benefits and drink coffee at malls while others work.

This isn't about Isis in Iraq but about the lies by right wing racists who hate immigrants. Stop destroying the region and there won't be any refugees. Stop corruption in Latin America and there won't be any brown skinned immigrants from south of border.


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