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Re: 9 Days - From My Window: A short 13-minute film by Issa Touma
Posted by Jeffrey (Guest) - Wednesday, December 21 2016, 5:20:19 (UTC)
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Thanks for sharing. I just watched it, he did a good job. What I like is that he's not passing a lot of judgment. This is about as close to a true documentary film as one can get.

- Jeff

Marcello wrote:
>Winner of the European Short Film Award at the European Film Awards.
>In August 2012, Syrian photographer Issa Touma awoke to the dawn of the rebel uprising in the city of Aleppo. He spent the next nine days holed up in his apartment, filming the emerging civil war outside.
>Via MPN editor-in-chief Mnar A. Muhawesh: This is surreal.
>"It's a lie that the revolution started peacefully. It started with guns and weapons." A Syrian resident in Aleppo places a camera at his window for nine days and records armed militias take over and ravage the city. He is winner of the European short film awards in Europe after arriving in Europe as a refugee.
>Watch film here:
>Disregard the fact that Mr. Issa Touma may be... maaay be... one of us... or not. Who cares. He made a great short film based on my peasant sensibility of cinema and politics... the politics of the poor, in relation to power. Reminds me of the old post-WW2 Italian neorealist films of Di Sica ("The Bicycle Thieves" - "Ladri di Biciclette"), and Rossellini ("Rome, Open City" - "Roma, Citta' Aperta"); although, this film is REAL... shot during a REAL war from Mr. Touma's apartment window.


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