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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Friday, October 21 2011, 11:21:36 (UTC)
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You're absolutely right, most European concepts of nature have been about subjugating her to man's will. It that sense, the American Indians and other native cultures were more in balance with Mother Nature. But even if we came up with new ways of sustaining natural world, there will always be the corporate thieves who'll abuse those new ideas and methods to the limits of destruction, milking them to the last dollar.

Last night Keith Olbermann was talking about how reality show producers have been approaching the Occupy Wall Street protesters to make a program about the "hot girls" of the growing movement, like the Girls Gone Wild videos about ditzy, drunk college girls who flash their tits for money. There's no end to the sleaze of the modern Capitalist.

We need to incorporate a new philosophy that ends all forms of exploitation and aggression toward humans, animals and most importantly, nature. Perhaps, an eco-friendly Marxism. And religion is just a metaphysical form of Capitalism. Like in Woody Allen's "Zelig" when he says: "I ran into a syangogue, I asked the rabbi what was the meaning of life. He told me the meaning of life in Hebrew. I don't know Hebrew. He then wanted to charge me $600 for Hebrew lessons."


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