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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, June 6 2011, 22:00:02 (UTC)
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America's model is now a travesty of social Darwinism in which you throw kids by the hundreds into a meat-grinder and reward the few who manage to make it out the process you consign the majority to the garbage heap because they didn't measure up...and so you're left with a few pathologically successful people who know they thrive best in meat-grinders, so that soon they have made the entire culture over into their image, into what they know, into what they are best at....while thousands of talented, capable, resourceful, intelligent, bright and very necessary people are lost to us.

Any human bean who had the single-minded devotion to cut throat competition and success to the exclusion of all else which corporations must have to survive, would be considered a sociopath and locked away somewhere...instead we have made them legally "persons" and have given them the keys to the kingdom.

And we wonder.....


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