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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, June 6 2011, 19:36:18 (UTC)
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Yeah I agree because I know what kind of pervs these conservatives are. that was also the reason Mccain wanted her as his running mate so badly. I doubt he would have picked her if she was some fat 350 pound woman. These same conservatives and Christians are the ones who turn out to be porn addicts, pervs, and everything else they condemn. Some of them are even bi or gay but won't come out and say it. They waste their time expressing their hate for gays instead of being brave enough to come out and say they are attracted to their own gender.

If Sarah ever got her head out of her ass and wanted what's best for her, I could see her as a porn chick with that same name of hers. Her IQ shouldn't prevent her since porn industry has producers, directors etc and they'll tell her what to do.


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