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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Tuesday, January 29 2013, 22:43:58 (UTC)
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It's all in the rhetoric of fear that's transmitted through the propaganda of Hollywood and the corporate news. When I was taking a history course, the professor who was Jewish used to tell me how when he began organizing faculty and students during the Civil Rights period, it was a common thing for him to be called a "nigger-loving, commie, Jew, faggot" by some students and even a few of his conservative colleagues on campus. He'd always say to beware of the politics of fear. That's all we have today coming from the Palins and Bachmanns and the rest of their ilk: fear of Blacks, Latinos, the LGBTQ, Muslims, leftists, anarchists. The same folks that are claiming that Obama wants to take away their guns, felt quite differently when Huey, Bobby and the Black Panthers began carrying guns along with Bill of Rights guaranteeing their right to bear arms.


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