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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, November 24 2007, 4:04:12 (CET)
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Muncho wrote:
>Why would I waste time being serious with you? You must think you're important loool

...for putting your foot in your in your mouth you have no equal. I don't talk TO you when I talk to you...I USE you to show those who read here your poverty of mind. If you had any intellectual curiosity or even ability, you'd take up the challenge. But you don't. You consisteantly let any serious exchange pass by in favor of what you think are witty comments...and that's just what people need to see. Our Assyrian Muslim can handle anything that comes his way...I can too...hell even Jumblat gives it a shot...but you? No. You like to say that you're way too busy, or do I think I'm "importanht". No, of course not...I'm not important at all...except as we see you run every time. I thought YOU might be important enough to want to do more...but I guess you aren't that important to yourself...I just give people the chance and courtesy...either way; whether you act cute or try to make a serious lose. And your loss is our gain.


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