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Re: American Exceptionalism and American Torture By William Blum
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Tuesday, December 23 2014, 22:53:26 (UTC)
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IF torture was used to get information based on the "ticking bomb scenario", one may understand the immediate necessity to save lives; although, I don't believe in this, since under torture the victim will say anything to stop the pain. But in the cases displayed in the Torture Memos, there were other means such as experimentation on human bodies like those of the Nazis during WW2: ... or Cheney pushing to get any one to confess to the 9-11 crimes, and connecting Saddam to Al Qaeda to legitimize the war of aggression against the people of Iraq:

Obama had the Presidency, the House and Senate, and yet, he wanted to play the good guy, or as you say, the "house nigger", so that the nation would not be divided. Yeah, right!


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