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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Thursday, July 7 2011, 21:33:10 (UTC)
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I had a hard time watching it because of the atrocities committed and at same time can't believe how our boys bitch and moan about how they suffered under the Arabs yet there is no comparison. I wasn't surprised about the quote by Hitchens and it just continues to show this pattern of his racism. He justifies crimes committed by White people/Christians yet this Nazi warns us about Islam. If you get a chance, there is a video of Hitchens getting his ass handed to him by a Muslim named Tariq Ramadan on British TV. I saw it yesterday for first time on youtube. He isn't so smart when he finally meets a Muslim who knows his shit and speaks English with that same British accent.

This guy is nothing more than a propaganda tool and a huge racist. A fraught on top of all. These kind of people receive a lot of TV time because they are part of the ongoing Islamophobia. And there was Benny Morris, a Jew, who turns around and justifies genocides committed against others. There is no doubt in my mind that the Euro Jews would not have mined a holocaust being committed by Germans against Arabs instead. Holocaust may only apply to what happen to Jews but the same intent was there against Native Americans and other indigenous peoples who had their lands stolen by Christians. I like to use the term "Christian" to describe these White folks because that is what they are and were. They believed in Jesus while at same time cutting darker people open. I guess Jesus doesn't love or care for darker people and why would he when he was a cracker anyway and then Assyrians turn around and suck his dick like slaves. How can anyone turn in thousands of years of civilization for a cracka carpenter who didn't know his own daddy.

There is a book by a Jewish professor named "son of banderas"(ibn banderas in Arabic) and it tells the story of "the miracle birth of Jesus". It's an interesting book which I always like to use when Christians bring up their slanders against Muhammad. The reason I do this is because they expect Muslims or anyone who doesn't have prejudices toward Islam to accept the Christians invented myths as solid facts. So I will use books by enemies of Jesus to also show Christians how foolish they are. A few years ago some family came to visit from Canada and we had this discussion. At that time I was a devout Muslim and could not tolerate any time of verbal abuse against Muhammad. My aunt starts telling me about all the bad things that Muhammad supposedly did and of course her priests came up with these allegations. So I told her about the many books written by Jews against Jesus and she started cursing at them as always.

We are supposed to accept their bullshit which comes from the same priests who fuck children but I can't use their enemies against them. I was speaking to a Black atheist yesterday and he kept talking bad about Christianity and I asked why not Islam and he said that his hatred is only toward Christians because they are cowards and he sees Christianity as a cowardly way out of responsibility. It's very convenient to commit crimes and then say "we are evil by nature" and then let the crucifixion for their sins solve their problems. Everything they do is justified. No matter how hard they work at slandering Islam, Christians have committed way too much and Islam has a lot of catching up to do with Christianity if it wants to copy. The encyclopedia of world religions is an interesting read and it shows their history in details. It wasn't written by Muslims but by Christians themselves. Some horrible things that we couldn't imagine a peaceful people would do.


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