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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, July 7 2011, 23:40:17 (UTC)
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I first posted it and then sat down to watch it... but I fell asleep and didn't see it all(sorry). I did get to the part about Hitchens and Morris, though. Morris, according to Ilan Pappe (Israeli historian whom Jeffrey turned me on to - thanks J), was one of the few new Israeli historians, along with Pappe and a few others, who began exploring the past and exposing the truth about how the state of Israel came into being -- but then he felt pressured from the Israeli mainstream and moved away from that position. Finkelstein still quotes some of Morris' works from the '80s, but he also points out what a scoundrel he is. I'll have to sit down and watch it again and remain awake... I honestly fell asleep out of boredom. Some folks, like Chomsky, as brilliant as he is, sometimes put me to sleep. The two guys that fire me up are Parenti, David Barsamian and George Galloway.

I also posted an article after the clip (in the reply) by a historian named James Axtell. The piece is called "The Moral Dimensions of 1492". If you didn't read it, give it a look, it's a short read.

Also, can you post the Hitchens debate?


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