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Re: Andre, Aprim and Maggie go to War.
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, July 4 2011, 21:09:57 (UTC)
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Some of my relatives from Canada told my mom that she should reach out to the govt since she lives in the US and tell them about the Assyrian suffering in Iraq. Imagine this. My mother, who relies on the govt for assistance must get the attention of Obama and tell him what Muslims are doing to them in Iraq. She was actually thinking until I told her what kind of fool she would make of herself. Americans are sleeping under bridges, going to jail, getting killed, etc and America is gonna help Christians in Iraq. Did the British help the Christians in India after they converted some of them? Or what about the many other countries where darker people converted to Christianity. The White man uses the Christians of those countries as a bridge to further their agendas. They do this in South Africa and everywhere else, yet these assholes expect different results for themselves. Who the fuck they think they are.

I also talked to one of my cousins in Germany who is a Christian fanatic. She is such a fanatic that she was baptized twice just to make sure she a good Christian. She was talking about how Christians in Iraq are suffering and she felt bad for them. I told her the Muslims are suffering as well and even worse because most don't have any intention to leave their homes and live in the west. She said those are different but we are Christians and then she used the Assyrian word "khteetan ila"(something like poor us). As if Muslims aren't humans and aren't suffering. I guess the Christians expect a special status and that's why Aprim chose to be an "author" instead of an engineer and that's why the many janitors we have chose to be civil rights activists and heroes for Assyria because they want to make the world aware of their "suffering" which is less than that of Natives, Blacks and Muslims.

Aprim and the rest have this idea that Muslims just came from arabia some centuries ago and began slaughtering the natives of Iraq just as Christians wiped out the natives of Americas and Australia but the cases aren't similar at all. Arabs were welcomed to Iraq and actually lifted the persecuted and low class Christians who lived in that land. It wasn't Assyria when Muslims arrived, but it was an area split between two empires. I would say they need to learn history but I forgot they already know it all since birth so that won't go well with them.


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