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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Saturday, July 2 2011, 22:13:27 (UTC)
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He should have shown the bloody images of Iraqi Muslims who all were victims to Christian imposed violence. Children with missing body parts and more. That's what he should have shown. Muslims have a lot of catching up to do if they are trying to get back at Christians. For every one christian that has been killed, lynched, kidnapped etc, thousands of Muslims have suffered the same or worse. For every church that has been damaged, many more mosques have been hit. What Andre will never admit to is how Iraqi churches were never touched or damaged by Muslims in the past and many times it was Muslims who built new ones for them and rebuilt the old ones. Saddam spent millions on constructing churches and Baghdad alone had 300 churches that I know of and maybe even more. In all of Atlanta where we have a huge Muslim community, there are barely 40 mosques and that's including the far suburbs.

One of the Chaldean churches in Detroit was built with Saddam's money and CNN actually mentioned that when America was bombing Iraq during the Clinton regime.


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