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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, December 29 2007, 5:06:12 (CET)
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I don't know if you were around six years ago but before the heroes of Assyria banned me from everywhere, Aprim was flexing his head by challenging Chaldeans to produce ONE document to prove they were Chaldeans...I asked him to provide one document to prove he is Assyrian: the post was removed. Realizing he had to make a better showing he actually tried to engage us in discussions...once Tiglath challenged him to a debate with a moderator of his choice to make sure things stayed focused...he agreed. Then after two exchanges, he was gone. Or rather, Tiglathos posts were removed so Aprim could stay undefeated....but before that he disappeared for an entrie year after leaving us with a tear stained whine about how we didn't deserve him...

That came about when he hinted that if I didn't stop arguing with him he would reveal "what you do with your children". This is their usual way to "win". I responded that whatever I did could be no worse than the time he and I were arrested in the toilet of the Greyhound bus depot in San Jose French kissing and me with my finger up his ass....that did it for him. Thinking to scare me away, he ran instead..for an entire year. He only came back when he got them to promise to protect his sorry ass so no one could treat him the way he treats others.

He's a pretty good kisser too. Hey Aprim....sue me.


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