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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Thursday, November 22 2007, 16:56:42 (CET)
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Now, I have heard many times from many Assyrian Christians that Assyrians learned about God after they became Christian in the 3th and4th century ce. Before that they were "idol worshippers", "evil" "brutal" and didn't know God until "our lord Jesus Christ came". The first question that immediately comes to mind is what in the world were the people doing from after the time of Adam and before Jesus(peace be upon them). Judeo-Christians believe that "prophethood" can only come from "Jews" or from the "bloodline of Isaac" and everyone else is shit out of luck. They say that the Jews will never recognize a prophet who is not "Jewish". If that is the case, why should the non Jews recognize a prophet outside of their nation? why don't we all play the racist game and just call it even? Why does a black man, an Assyrian or anyone else believe in a God who favors a certain ethnic community and that all others must follow their prophets and of course the christian God is not even the one supreme Creator, but it is the Messiah Jesus(pbuh). So, even the Jews recognize that God is 1 in all unity and he does not resemble anything in his creation, yet the Christian God is the Israeli Messiah who was born some 2000 years ago of a woman.

So, only Jews can be prophets and only after Jesus(pbuh) did Assyrians know God and worship him. First of all, there is a problem and that is the fact that "Jews" and "Judaism" do not exist in the Torah nor the Talmud. The second problem is that the Hebrew prophets only came to their own people and that includes Jesus(pbuh). Christ is not a name but it is a form of corruption of the Greek word "christos" and that is translated from the Hebrew "Messiah"(Masih in Arabic). Jesus was not the first or the only "messiah" but there and many, in fact, every king of ancient Israel was a "messiah" or "annointed" in English. Messiah, Christ or annointed is something that was strickly part of the Hebrew or Israelite's culture.

So, now the Bible got it wrong about the dates and times of the creation of the earth and mankind. Let's agree with Christians for a second and say that the gap between Adam and Jesus was only 4000 years, so for those 4000 years God did not see fit to guide the creatures that he created, but he waited some 4000 years later to come down in a form of man(incarnation, no different from Paganism) and had to commit suicide on the cross in order to teach mankind of himself, love, mercy and forgiveness? So, while the Jews can be prejudice and reject no Jewish or non Hebrew prophets, the rest of mankind does not have the same choice? or is it time ti admit that some one is wispering wishful fantasies or thinking? So, the Assyrians and all the other ancient peoples did not know the true God who is not only the "God of Israel" but he is the Creator of everything? if that is so, we are in a world of trouble and there has to be another way out. Fortunately, now comes the good news and the truth.

I shall be back, inshallah.


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