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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Sunday, June 15 2014, 21:41:40 (UTC)
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"...yes, but not so strange for human behavior. People fail to take into consideration that Islam is 700 years younger than Christianity...the older person is expected to be more mature than the younger...go back 700 years in Christian history and see what kind of death and destruction Christians were handing comparison Islam has been mild to a fault.

..let's remember that the 3000 year-old statue survived all these years...unharmed...we must not forget that radicalism in Islam is fueled by the Christian West, deliberately!

..what would New Yorkers do to a Muslim statue? And if you tell me "yes, but Assyrians didn't do anything to deserve this", I answer with, "what did Iraqis do to deserve the ruin Christians brought to them"?

-- You make a valid point, but they are all motherless-fucks, be they Jewish, Christian, Muslim, atheist, communist, anarchist, fascist... These historical statues, monuments, temples, churches, mosques, synagogues -- works of art, architecture or nature -- are part of human history and the present and future generations. Nazis burning books and works of "decadent art"; Jewish extremists vandalizing and desecrating ancient Arab cemeteries or destroying olive trees (ironically, with the olive branch being the universal symbol of peace) or threatening to blow up Al-Aqsa Mosque; Salafi and Wahhabi smashing Sufi shrines; Spanish anarchists and Russian Bolsheviks blowing up ancient churches; Taliban's destruction of Buddha of Bamiyan, or extremists planning to destroy the Pyramids of Giza, and on and on. Who do they think they are, these "humble" servants of God and ideology? When it comes to history and art, the creative achievements of the ancients, be they Assyrians, Scythians or whomever, should and must be protected and preserved. The idiocy of these fanatics is that by destroying Assyrian statues, they are actually destroying a part of the history of the region in which they live during its golden age. Idiots!


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