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Re: Avoiding the Virgin Party
Posted by JUMBLAT (Guest) - Tuesday, November 27 2007, 2:04:24 (CET)
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The AssyrianMuslim wrote:

" First gotta get to Jannah and it is God who determines if I deserve Jannah. I don't know where you have gotten 7 from but that is part of the reward in Jannah for those abstained from adultery. "


Firstly, I heard there are 72, in any event by those who abstained from adultery, if these never committed adultery on earth, do you think are allowed to do that in HEAVEN by presence of GOD, qedhi Estaghfar allah , you MUST BE KAFER !

NOTE: In any way I will be there , where I will pull you on side and order the angles to get you 200 good lashes .


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