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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, May 4 2017, 0:45:18 (UTC)
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The last few weeks I started to attend my professor's classes again. On Monday, he started his day by going to the Downtown L.A. 'May Day' gatherings, celebrations and demonstrations. He's 80 years-old, has made enough from to retire from his teaching gig... or he can just continue making a bunch of money as an attorney. His family came to the states at the beginning of the 20th century, when the Russian Orthodox Christians were busy rampaging through Jewish villages, killing and raping and looting. While one generation of his relatives escaped the pogroms, another generation was almost completely annihilated by the Nazis and Ukrainian fascists. He has been actively fighting against right wing reaction from the days of the Civil Rights battles as a member of Congress Of Racial Equality (CORE), to being a militant activist against the Vietnam War in the 1960s, to going to Nicaragua in the early 1980s as a witness to the Sandinista Revolution. He's also a Left Labor Zionist, and belonged to the same Zionist group as Noam Chomsky and Bernie Sanders, the Hashomer Hatzair, whose aim was to build socialism in Palestine with the Arabs, form the bottom up. Most of the night we talked about the rise of fascism in the era of complacency and mass consumerist culture. It don't take long for another epoch of racism and violent reaction to consume us all. Jews went to the gas chambers thinking they were going to take showers, especially when they saw other Jews (Kapos) calming them down and handing them a towel. We shouldn't let things get to that point. We should be vigilant and organize with other struggling peoples, be they Black, Latino, LGTBTQ, poor (non-racist) Whites, and all others who are oppressed. For the last seven or eight years (as you may recall) I've always been focused on the reemergence of fascism and white supremacy. It's now here. And we must all face it as best we can: Non-violently... unless our lives and the lives of our loved ones, strangers and vulnerable others, are in danger. These people are armed to the teeth and full of hate. Chris Hedges keeps warning us about how events in the former Yugoslavia, were he was stationed by the NY Times, are becoming similar to what he's seeing in our own country here. It's now been a hundred days of Trump, and look at all the violence around us. What will the next hundred days be like, to the next three to four to eight years?


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