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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, May 3 2017, 22:08:10 (UTC)
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Website title:'s just incredible to realize, to try wrap your head around, the fact that in a space of 30 years, from 1914 to 1945, Christians are responsible for the murder of over 150 million people, the vast majority of whom were Christians, killed by other Christian WHITE MEN....and Islam is a violence-inducing religion? Islam....not Christianity? Who did Islam kill in that same time period...who? they are telling us that anyone who stands opposed to this Christian slaughter of the rest of us is a "terrorist"....WE are the terrorists...why, for fighting in "how dare you"???

...the cherry on top of the this pile of rotting dung is the whining by Christians that THEY are the persecuted ones...that people are denying THEM their rights...that people are killing THEM. Yet, who on this planet deserves it more...for what they have done and continue to do? Yes, Christians SHOULD be restrained if not caged...they are a threat to the entire planet.....and I'm supposed to quake in fear of Korea?

...the world is suffering and has suffered from the efforts of white Christian men to make themselves supreme at the cost of everyone else....and that includes killing other white Christians, en masse, so only one white group will be the "superior" one left standing.

...all the "ills" white Christians speak of, things they blame on us Darkies or Gays or you name it, are as nothing compared to what they have caused us and still defies belief.


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