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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Saturday, January 5 2008, 23:46:29 (CET)
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They thing that by changing their names that makes them more Assyrians. They also seem to think that shouting "we are Christians" makes them more "Assyrians". Imagine that being asked to provide evidence that you are a from Utah and you say I am a "Mormon" and that is your proof. Any normal person would laugh at such person yet this is exactly how these boys think. They think that being "Christians" makes a person a "direct descendant of the ancient Assyrians". Not only do they suck as "Assyrians" but they are also worthless as Christians as well. But, since they want to play the "ethnicity" came, we can all play along with that and ruin their fun. They claim to be the direct descendants of the ancient Assyrians and that Assyrians are Christians. Well there is a problem with that because there are millions of Muslims in Iraq, Syria and Turkey who also claim to be "descendants of the ancient Assyrians" but there is another huge problem with that because they are not Christians. So an independant country based on being of Assyrian descent isn't going to work because the Christians are not the onle ones, in fact, they are only a minority of Assyrian descent and the majority of descendants of the ancients are Muslims.

On the other hand, if they want a homeland based on religion, there is a problem with that too because that doesen't work anywhere. That's like the group of Louis Farakhan who call themselves, "Nation of Islam"(though they are not really Muslim), they wanted a seperate homeland in the 1960s in the United States. They felt since African Americans had suffered, were persecuted and that after 400 years it has been proven that the Christian White man of America can not tolerate the "negro",therefore, they wanted a seperate "home". They were making this demand as "Muslims" and that didn't go anywhere. They couldn't even get a seperate piece of land if they wanted it based on Ethnicity which in reality it was anyways. The same goes for Assyrians except that their claims are even more absurd since they are not the only descendants of the ancient Assyrians nor can they get such thing under the excuse of being Christians.

If Christians were able to prosper, survive and live in peace under Islam sharia government for over a 1000 years, I think they can survive under a secular Iraqi government which is not an Islamic government at all. Although the current governments of today could never grant humans the God given rights which Islam grants, the governments in the Middle East have still shown that religious minorities are treated equal. We know this is a fact in Iraq but because these individuals are self made fanatics for Christ and they refuse to live with people who not only follow their religion but because they even differ politically so they want to live in their fantasy world. They get pissed at most of the Chaldeans of today who are very Arabized by choice of course but forget that their ancastors weren't able to prevent "Aramization" and the Arameans never ruled over Assyrians as an empire. Persians and many others used Aramaic as their diplomatic language but they were able prevent "Aramization" and everything else. They say history repeats itself and let's see. Assyrians became Aramizes and eventually lost their language/culture and later on their religion and as well. They weren't forced to become Aramized but they were attracted to it and they were unable to preserve their language and culture.

The same thing happened when the Arabs came. Many Syriacs felt attracted to the Arab language and culture which let to their adopting their language and culture. In the same sense that Assyrians in the west have become westernized so fast. No one forced them to but they did it themselves. So this clown thinking by changing his name it makes him a true Assyrian but rather he is just showing how dumb his religion and idealogy has made him. Sad people I tell you.


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