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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, March 28 2017, 13:06:12 (UTC)
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...If you just go back 100 years, to 1917, and count forward you will see the number of wars Christians fought against Christians (and others) and see how many millions they killed, while all praying to their prince of PEACE. They'll say that Jesus had nothing to do with it, except all sides had their priests blessing their soldiers, before they went out to kill each other (and others)....this same time period saw a new phase in warfare in which all sides tried to kill civilians, deliberately, by bombing cities where women and children were the targets.

In that same 100 years I dare Maher and Hitchens and Dawkins and Harris to name the wars Muslims fought...and the numbers of Muslims killed by Muslims (and others).....go ahead, name them....count them. In fact name ONE war besides the Iran/Iraq war, (in which we had a hand)...but even then, how many Muslims were killed? And that war was between two neighboring countries....when did Muslims travel 5000 miles from their own countries to wage war against innocent people who merely wished to live their own lives in their own way? When?

Even the attack on Kuwait by Saddam was grounded in what Euros had done in the region earlier....but how many Muslims were killed?

As for the war in '48 against Israel, that was a defensive war against a new Euro colony posing as a "land for Jews"...there were already Jews in that land and for a few thousand years...the new Jews were Europeans who HAPPENED to be of this faith...but they were Euros with no claim to their own country couched in the nonsense of a bible....and again, it was on their own borders, not halfway around the world that this war was fought.

Besides which it wasn't Palestinians who'd just tried to wipe out Jews in what been THEIR countries, in Europe, for was Christians who did that and THEY should have given Euro Jews a country in Europe....or just stop persecuting them and they would far have preferred remaining IN Europe.

Combine all numbers of Muslims killed (and others) by Muslims, measure the destruction, and compare those numbers with what Christians have done, in just the last 100 years and if you are honest you will have to admit that if religion can lead to violent behavior among its devotees, then Christianity is the religion which inspires violence, not Islam....just by the numbers, and scientists are supposed to go by numbers and not by "faith"...the faith and belief, against all objective fact, that Islam MUST be the violent religion....simply because Harris sees it that way, because he WANTS it to be that way, because he BELIEVES it is that way...even when simple facts prove him wrong.

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