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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, May 8 2017, 20:29:29 (UTC)
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Sure, if you can convince adult with university education to believe in religion/fairytale, you can also convince them that your capitalist ass has their best interest in mind. For this particular reason, I view Christianity as the most ridiculous and dangerous of them all. Americans are a prime example of of stupidity and why they're crazy. John Lennon was murdered by American Christian for daring to say something offensive. His comments caused no harm around the world except in the US which also happens to be the most radical Christian nation, especially in the West.

We only hear about radical Islam, you have to search and completely spell "radical Christian" on Google search before you get anywhere with it. As soon as you type "radical" it goes straight to Islam. It's time to talk about Christians and their Taliban which are more dangerous to Bill Maher than some bearded sheep herders in the middle East who only exist because of western imperialist powers. Muslims were very capable of dealing with their own nutcases throughout history. It was the biggest shaykh who had the wahabbis kicked out of Dagestan and urged his government to keep them out. Such people often end up getting beaten and killed by other Muslims but right now Syria is a catastrophic and not surprising there are some who joined groups like Isis.


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