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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, May 8 2017, 13:16:56 (UTC)
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I think believing in God is what gets most of these people voting and "praying" against their own interests....also the belief that you suffer to prove your worthiness...also that you get heaven, when you die, and THAT'S where everything you dreamed of on earth will be yours.....sort of what Televangelists do to poor people whom they bamboozle into sending in money they can ill afford to part with but are convinced will get them what they want, when only the evangelists gets what HE wants...Trump is like that and I think his appeal is to the same kind of his case also the fact that he's white, or orange/pink, works in his favor.

People didn't dare say they hated Obama because he was Black (they meant, nigger in their hearts), so they made up weird conspiracies about his being Muslim, or born in Africa, or he was a Socialist, didn't "understand" or "love" America...all of it obviously false but they needed to make these excuses because they couldn't be honest about the real reason....same with Trump only in reverse...everything his followers love about the guy is also fake, just as the things they hated about Obama were also fake, and not at all part of him....only this time they love the guy simply because he's white and they excuse and deny all the obviously rotten things about him...doesn't matter cause he's WHITE!

It was all faith-based...their ill-feelings towards Obama were rooted in their "faith" and belief in white supremacy, even though they themselves are the worst examples of white people...and the same faith-based standard is applied towards Trump, the same faith-based belief in white supremacy and his "goodness" and their belief, based on no screwy and damn FACTS, that he will provide....just as they believe Jesus will.


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