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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Monday, March 14 2011, 6:49:40 (UTC)
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I am of the opinion that "I got mine.. Fuck you!" is one of the inherent rewards of Capitalism. Ayn Rand, who's book, "Atlas Shrugged," (I read three pages and ..) is the manifesto of the uber-Capitalists, mostly Christian Right-wing Libertarians. Libertarians, originally, were far-left anarchists (they still are in Europe and US). The left-Anarchists are students of Chomsky; the right-Anarchists are Glen Beck students of chalk-board conspiracies.
Rand, who defected from Communist Russia, became a celebrity writer of books, essays and screenplays. She is something of an icon for the right as far as honoring her by naming nefarious institutions and senators after her (Rand Corp)(Rand Paul). The dicotomy of Christian Capitalism is that 1)God had other plans for you... so suffer.. (oh .. and if you decide to take your life 'cause you can't take it anymore... well, you'll suffer even worse... forever and ever. or, 2)The reason that you're suffering is because it's you're fault, you're not trying hard enough, JUST DO IT! (no matter what your socio/economic status may be; no matter what traumatic shit you've's all your fault!


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