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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Saturday, March 12 2011, 10:32:52 (UTC)
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The capitalists want to make money off anything possible and even if it means selling their wife for money. But some money is not enough for them. They have to make a million % profit yet they're still not satisfied even then. I had a friend many years back who was very anti-capitalism and I even suspected he was a communist but he would never actually say it. He once said that these money worshiping capitalists never get "enough" so one could just attach a hose to their mouth and keep pumping and pumping without limit since they never get full. Even the foreigners who migrate here, except for the ones whose homes were totally destroyed, but most of them are capitalistic and they were very insignificant in their country. So they migrate here so they can not only make easy money(which it ain't easy unless you're fucking down others) and lots of it too.

They are too greedy and fit well into this kind of system. I have actually seen Assyrian refugees tell me they wouldn't give a dollar to their father if he came out of his grave and begged because the "system has changed" and this is not Iraq. In other words, fuck off. If these are people from over there saying it who just learned this concept, imagine how the White capitalist is. They are not even comparable. Che fought against these very kind of people, and these same bloodsuckers are making money by selling his shorts. It's not enough to sell porn, drugs, oil, etc but weapons and war has to be part of it too. There is no limit to making money for them and they will keep making it because it's what they live for. Weapons and war is the bigger cash maker right now.


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