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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Sunday, May 18 2014, 22:00:19 (UTC)
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Hear me now and believe me tomorrow: I'm telling you, man, this is about the Chinese, not about a bunch of Black Christian girls from southern Nigeria. China has already surpassed the U.S. and become the biggest economy in the world. So-called "experts" foresaw this happening in 2019, but it's happening now. Why do think Obama and Clinton are pushing for an "Asian Pivot"? It's because the only thing at which we are now superior is military intimidation, intervention and war. Now with the right wing, fascistic Hindu BJP winning the elections in India in a landslide, and with Japan's Abe talking about securing Japan's interests in the South China Seas, the only thing in the near distance is another world war. It just don't look good. The only way to keep China from growing ever further is to cock block them in Africa via military intervention; use Japanese, Vietnamese and Filipino grievances to contain them in their own region; and screw up what ever oil and gas deals they've made with the Iranians through sanctions due to Iran's non-existing military nuclear program.


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