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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, April 27 2017, 20:41:28 (UTC)
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They should let her and her neo-Nazi supporters speak and expose their empty anti-intellectual bullshit. Richard Spencer tried to do the same last week to an almost empty room; Milo did the same... and what happened? Nothing. His entire spectacle fell apart. There's no comparison. Nada! On the other hand, the Left had (and has) something to say... something deep and profound. In 1967, in London, leftists such as Paul Goodman, Stokley Carmichael, Allen Ginsberg, and Herbert Marcuse (Markuza) gathered to do what the Left does best: Talk some real shit that makes sense. This is from that era, and you can also see a young Tariq Ali in the audience...


This is some historical shit. Paul Goodman just rips it... as does Professor Marcuse -- and of course -- Stokely!


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