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Posted by Jeffrey (Guest) - Sunday, April 30 2017, 3:58:33 (UTC)
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Ann Coulter has lost all credibility, so henceforth I will refer to her as Ann Qoulta. Only nasha diyyan would know what that means!

pancho wrote:
>...she's really sorry free speech is under attack by Liberals, of all people!
>What compare her situation with the original Free Speech movement at Berkeley in the mid 60s.
>For one thing, as a conservative neo-con con-woman money-grubber who's written the same book ten times, Coulter's views are represented on cable news, on talk radio, in several publications, and in other media outlets and the White House and Congress and the Supreme Court...this was hardly the case when Mario Savio stood on the steps at Sproul Hall and said "Fuck", which no media outlet was saying or thought of president then mirrored his views, no cable existed, no leftie publications, owned by billionaires, espoused his point of view, as they didn't about the Vietnam War which was a big part of that fact the entire country, and world, was AGAINST him and his movement...not so with Coulter and whatever it is she stands for.
>Today the president mirrors her same idiotic views,as do hundreds of congressmen and women at federal and state levels, plus most governors... there are numerous universities where she would be more welcome not to mention the people who print her many books and host TV and radio stations and on and on where she could communicate, if communicating her actual message was the point here...but it isn't...her point is that liberals are hypocrites, and they what?...neither she, nor her views, are exactly marginalized, forced to resort to the steps of a university to get her message out there and then get pummeled by the police, highway patrol, sheriffs offices and National Guard.
>So enough with the comparisons between her poor self and Mario Savio...between herself and the millions who think just like just isn't comparable..and she knows it...this is more of the cynical grandstanding and self-pity festivals these people are energized by.
>...besides which, she's a blatant liar who's learned that lies tossed about here and there confuse the real issues and no one can fact-check her at the very times she is spreading them...and days later is far too late, she's already made her lying "points".
>..with all that, they should have let her speak and ignored her...except for one thing; if the police are going to behave like they did at the near-riot last week at Berkeley, when they stood by and watched even as serious crimes were committed and assaults taking place, then the school is right to worry about public safety...amazing how mercilessly police cracked down on the Occupy Wall Street protesters, spraying mace and clubbing people, when demonstrators were peaceful, and how they stood by and watched while assaults took place...but, if the police won't do their job then the school was right to cancel her appearance.


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