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Posted by Jeffrey (Guest) - Sunday, November 30 2014, 5:49:52 (UTC)
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All this time I thought you were just typing away rather than working on creating sculpture! :-)

Great work,

pancho wrote:
>.....yes, yes...I know....we was robbed, we suz persecuted....we lost Nineveh....Muslims kill us...we need somebody to help us...but, sometimes, we do good.....
>...From the Napa Valley newspaper.....
>"The community is invited to a free ceremony to commemorate the permanent installation of 11 new bronze works by sculptor Fred Parhad featuring culinary luminaries who have contributed significantly to defining California cuisine and shaping the history of cooking in America.
>The ceremony will take place at 11 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 10, at Napa Valley College’s Upper Valley Campus, 1088 College Ave., St. Helena, site of the college’s Napa Valley Cooking School, and will be followed by a casual wine reception for the public featuring NVC Estate Wines.
>The works feature chefs, authors and vintners — many with local ties — who have influenced the American palate and changed the nation’s cuisine. Bay Area author, radio commentator and California cuisine pioneer Narsai David and his wife, Venus David, commissioned from the artist and donated the artworks to the college.
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>Those 11 include James Beard, Cecilia Chiang, Julia Child, MFK Fisher, Robert Mondavi, Jacques Pepin, Paul Prudhomme, Wolfgang Puck, Jeremiah Tower and Alice Waters.
>The dedication plaque reads: “From across the country and around the world these culinary legends found inspiration in this Golden State of bounty and diversity, creating California Cuisine, and thereby reinvigorating what we eat and drink, and reimagining our relationship with the Earth that feeds us all.”
>Parhad is a self-taught sculptor with more than 35 years of professional dedication to his work, whose studio is in the hills above the Napa Valley."


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